12th - 14th March 2020

The main topic: High Speed Rail: Planning and Appraisal

Goal: discussion on the topic of high speed rail planning and appraisal

Speakers and topics:

  • Andrew McNaughton – The Geography of Time. How fast rail enables
    economic growth and social equality.
  • Chris Nash – The importance of rigorous transport and economic planning appraisal for HSR.
  • Germà Bel  – The benefits and costs of HSR.
  • Paolo Beria  –  Are prices reduced from direct competition in high-speed rail?
    Some unexpected evidences from Italy.
  • Oskar Fröidh – HSR planning in Sweden
  • Zdeněk Tomeš – The border effect and European high speed rail network

Venue: Charles University in Prague  - Karolinum building

Programme committee: Chris Nash, Zdeněk Tomeš, Monika Jandová, Martin Kvizda, Tomáš Nigrin.