13th - 14th November

Main Theme: Competitiveness and competition in the railway sector - economic and regional aspects of regulation of the competitive environment.

Themes of discussion blocks:

  • Economic, technical and the regional factors of intra-modal competition on the railway;
  • Costs and benefits of unbundling, regulation of the intensity of competition;
  • economic, technical and the regional factors of intermodal competitiveness of the railways;
  • microeconomics of competition in network industries;
  • Regional and technical specifics of the transport infrastructure, the role of the regulator of the network.


13th of November



1st Block

  • 10:15
M. Kvizda: Introduction - unbundling and competition on the railway.
  • 10:45
Z. Tomeš: Evolution of competition and regulation on the British railway.
  • 11:15
T. Pospíšil: Case study of Czech railway as an application of the theory of the company under soft budget constraints.
  • 11:45
J. Dukát: Selected problems of competitiveness of rail passenger transport.



2nd Block

  • 14:00

A. Peltrám: Myths and the reality of environmentally optimal division of labor.

  • 14:30

I. Drahotský: Perspectives and development of railway transport.

  • 15:00

D. Seidenglanz: The competitiveness of rail passenger transport compared with other modes of transport in Europe and in the Czech Republic.




3rd Block

  • 15:45

T. Pšenka: Technical parameters of the rail network versus charges for the use of routes on the rail network in the Slovak Republic.

  • 16:15

M. Hrivnák: Transport infrastructure in captivity of state planning.

  • 16:45

J. Gašparík: Allocation of railway infrastructure capacity in the context of harmonization of rail market.


14th of November