The seminar was dedicated to the memory of Jiří Dukát, a great expert and railway enthusiast, a regular participant of Telč seminars, who died in October 2009.

12th - 13th November

Main Theme: Economic, legal and regional factors of competitiveness of the railway.

The focus of thematic blocks:

  • Regulation of competition on the railway;
  • Regional aspects of the competitiveness of the railway;
  • Public subsidies to the state-owned and private rail carriers;
  • Limits of the competitiveness of railway transport.


12th of November



1st Block

  • 10:15
T. Pšenka - M. Horňák: Spatial differences in the competitiveness of train and bus long-distance passenger transport in Slovakia.
  • 11:00
J. Chmelík - V. Květoň - M. Marada: Analysis of transport relations between the Czech regional capitals on the basis of supply and demand for rail transport.
  • 11:45
P. Pšenička: Opportunities and threats of regional railways after 2010.



2nd Block

  • 14:00

J. Hrabáček: Competitiveness of the regional railway in the public transport system.

  • 14:45

J. Schmidt: Apparent fluctuations in the cost price of rail transport under a public service obligation on the Czech transport market.




3rd Block

  • 15:45

M. Benediktová: Procedure for the selection of the carrier for the operation of regional trains in the Pilsen region.

  • 16:30

D. Seidenglanz: The competitiveness of rail and air transport.


6th of November