11th - 12th November

Main Theme: Competition on European railways - economic, legal and regional factors.

Aim: Discussion of three current problem areas:

  • Regulation and charging of transport infrastructure;
  • The inter- and intra-modal competition on railways;
  • Regional factors of railway competitiveness ;


11th of November



1st Block

  • 10:00
Z. Tomeš: The effect of introducing competition on railway subsidies in the Czech Republic.
  • 10:40
A. Peltrám: Competition of the railway in the conception of the European Union.
  • 11:20
J. Gašparík: Theoretical principles of a modern approach to rail infrastructure charging.
  • 12:00
T. Pospíšil: Actual costs vs. charges for using the infrastructure.



2nd Block

  • 14:00

J. Chmelík - V. Květoň - M. Marada: Competition of transport modes on the selected session in the Czech Republic.

  • 14:40

M. Kvizda - D. Seidenglanz: Intermodal shift between air and rail transport.

  • 15:20

K. Mendrošová - J. Mašek: Private carriers on the rail transport market in Slovakia and the EU.




3rd Block

  • 16:15

M. Benediktová: Competition on the railway in Bavaria.

  • 16:55

M. Horňák - P. Pšenka: Mutual transport connection of cities by public transport in Slovakia.

  • 17:35

T. Boruta - I. Ivan: Possibilities of assessment of railway stations surroundings and their regeneration on example of Ostrava.


12th of November 


4th Block

  • 10:00
H. Buschbacher: Limits of the competitiveness of conventional regional public transport and the prospects of overcoming them by automated passenger transport systems.
  • 10:40
J. Hrabáček: Traffic resistance and its possibilities of use in assessing the modal split (RWTH Aachen method).
  • 11:20
J. Schmidt: Open-access operators in Europe - forerunners on the solidified railway field.
  • 12:00
I. Drahotský: Potential of railway?