24th - 25th November

Main Theme: Regulation of the competitive environment on railway - theory in the centre and practice in the regions.


24th of November



1st Block

  •   10:00
T. Pospíšil: Why do business in passenger rail transport?
  •   10:40
D. Seidenglanz - F. Chvátal: (De)regulation of the European Railways and current trends in passenger and freight transport.
  •   11:20
M. Kvizda: Defining the relevant market in the railway transport sector.



2nd Block

  •   14:00

A. Peltrám: Evolution of the concepts of competition on the railways and a changing environment

  •   14:40

Z. Tomeš: Railway reform and public subsidies in European countries.

  •   15:20

I. Drahotský: Transport policy, competitive environment and prospects of transport.




3rd Block

  •   16:15

M. Benediktová: Possibilities of concluding contracts on public passenger transport services on the basis of competitive tendering.

  •   16:55

A. Dolinayová: Comparative analysis of regulation of price for using railway infrastructure in passenger rail transport in Slovakia.

  •   17:35

J. Mašek - K. Mendrošová: The influence of selected regulatory instruments on the efficiency of railway services.


25th of November