8th - 9th November

Main Theme: Competition on the railways - the future for the 21st century or the destruction of a network?


8th of November



1st Block

  • 10:15
Z. Tomeš: Why are postcommunist railways losing their market shares?
  • 10:45
A. Peltrám: Competition on rail and general services in the public interest.
  • 11:45
F. Križan - M. Horňák: Impact of private operator on (public) rail transport: a case study of the company Regio JET in Slovakia.


2nd Block

  • 14:00

M. Kvizda - V. Rederer: Using consumer survey to define the relevant market in the railway transport - possibilities and issues.

  • 14:30

J. Chmelík – V. Květoň – M. Marada: Possibilities of competitiveness evaluation of transport modes: an example of selected radial connections in Czech Republic.

  • 15:00

J. Hrabáček: Specifics of international long-distance transport.




3rd Block

  • 16:30

D. Seidenglanz: Socio-economic consequences of changes in the regulatory environment of the railway - a comparison of the Czech Republic and Germany.

  • 17:00

T. Nigrin: Examples of discriminatory behavior on the railway in Germany - charge for using railway infrastructure and railway stations.

  • 17:30

P. Rusko: Rail Liberalization Index.


9th of November 


4th Block

  • 10:00
J. Gašparík – A. Dolinayová – J. Mašek – M. Halás: Ordering of transport services in public interest in rail transport in Slovakia.
  • 10:30
A. Dolinayová - J. Gašparík - J. Mašek: Competition on the rail transport market in Slovakia and its impact on the modal split.
  • 11:00
D. Michniak - P. Rosik: The importance railway transport and accessibility for tourism development in Slovakia-Polish border.
  • 11:30
J. Pohl: The state and the railways.

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