7th - 8th November

Main Theme: Regulated and unregulated competition on the railway

Aim: Discuss current issues that come with opening up the market of passenger and freight rail transport to competition, focusing at:

  • competition on railway and antitrust policy;
  • pros and cons of the early years of the open-access in passenger transport;
  • the role of railway and competition on it at the regional transport;
  • experience with open access in rail freight transport.


7th of November



1st Block

  • 10:00
M. Kvizda: Opening of the Seminar
  • 10:15
T. Pospíšil: Economic analysis of Czech railway system
  • 10:45
A. Dolinayová: Effect of change in rail infrastructure charging system in Slovakia on performance of carriers
  • 11:15
I. Drahotský – M. Eisenhammerová – B. Bakešová: The issue of the definition and application of the term "network character of the railway transport"
  • 11:45
J. Mašek – M. Kendra: Experience with the competition in regional passenger rail transport in Slovakia



2nd Block 

  • 14:00
M. Marada – J. Chmelík – V. Květoň – K. Mikula: The development of transport relations across the regional borders in the period 2001 - 2011
  • 14:30

M. Horňák – V. Tóth – F. Križan: Current issues of public transport in the Gemer region

  • 15:00

T. Nigrin: Examples of subsidiarity in organizing railway transport in Bavaria and Saxony




3rd Block

  • 16:00

D. Seidenglanz ‐ K. Nedvědová ‐ F. Chvátal: Railway in selected Czech and German metropolitan regions - the meaning of liberalization of railway sector

  • 16:30

Z. Tomeš: Open access in rail passenger transport - a summary of foreign model experiences

  • 17:00

M. Jandová - V. Rederer: Characteristics of transport and economic situation on the Prague -Ostrava line

  • 17:30

J. Hrabáček: Securing railway passenger transport from the perspective of carrier


8th of November