6th - 7th November

Main Theme: Standards of public transport services - central strategy vs. regional priorities.

Aim: discuss current issues of rail passenger services in the context of upcoming competitive tendering and implementation of the competition for the market principles. In addition to traditional presentations there was also included guided panel discussion on "the definition of regional transport in the Czech Republic" for the first time.

Published seminar report (Review of Economic Perspectives)


6th of November



1st Block

  • 10:00
M. Kvizda: Opening of the Seminar
  • 10:30
J. Hrabáček - T. Pospíšil: Standards of public transport and transport services from the perspective of the state owned operator
  • 11:00
A. Peltrám: Standards of public transport services - central strategy vs. regional priorities in conditions of market economy with privatization.
  • 11:30
M. Benediktová: Standards in the field of public transport services
  • 12:00
O. Krčál: Simulation model of long distance passenger rail transport



2nd Block

  • 13:30

R. Farkaš – J. Chmelík – V. Jaroš – M. Marada – K. Mikula: Standards of public transport services - geographical perspectives

  • 14:00

J. Ponický – M. Kendra – V. Ľupták: Bratislava integrated public transport system 

  • 14:30

T. Nigrin – J. Dujka: Comparison of the principles of public transport services in Germany and Austria

  • 15:00

D. Seidenglanz – J. Dujka – F. Chvátal – K. Nedvědová: Public transport services - differences between regions in the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria




3rd Block

  • 16:00

 J. Pohl: The potential of modern railway for growth of public transport services quality

  • 16:30

 L. Pečený – J. Gašparík – A. Dolinayová: Quality criteria of regional passenger rail transport in the Slovak Republic

  • 17:00

 V. Rederer: Public transport in the Czech Republic - its milestones and the impact of the EU Common Transport Policy


6th of November 


Panel discussion

  • 10:00
M. Benediktová – J. Hrabáček – M. Marada – P. Mlsna – L. Pečený: The definition of regional transport in the Czech Republic - panel discussion
  • 12:00
M. Kvizda – T. Nigrin – D. Seidenglanz – Z. Tomeš: Final summary of the seminar and recommendations of Telč group