5th - 6th November

Main Theme: Competitive tendering in public transport - opportunities and threats.

Aim: Discuss current issues related to competitive tendering for ensuring the rail and bus services, both from the perspective of contracting authority and competing carriers.

Main questions:

  • Criteria of tenders and their schedule;
  • Optimal duration and scope of the contract;
  • Good and bad experiences from realized tenders;
  • Criticism, needs and vision - what's next in competitive tendering;
  • Geographical segmentation of services in competitive tendering;
  • Economy of competitive tendering - costs and losses.

The program also included a panel discussion on "Effect of high speed rail to regional development".

Published seminar report (Review of Economic Perspectives)


5th of November




  • 10:00
M. Kvizda: Opening of the Seminar
  • 10:10
A. Peltrám: Competitive tendering in public transport from the perspective of macroeconomics
  • 10:30
V. Gáborová - J. Gašparík: Development of competition in long distance rail transport for ensuring public transport services in SR
  • 11:00
Z. Tomeš: Foreign experience with competitive tendering in railway transport
  • 11:30
J. Hrabáček - T. Pospíšil: Czech Railways in clutches of competitive tendering
  • 12:00
J. Nálevka: Competition in railway transport - opportunity or risk?




  • 13:30

T. Horáček: Legislative aspects of competitive tendering

  • 14:00

J. Pohl: The influence of technical innovations on the goals and instruments of public transport

  • 14:30

L. Pečený - J. Ponický - J. Gašparík: Transport services in public passenger transport in conditions of the Slovak Republic

  • 15:00

D. Seidenglanz: Geographical delimitation of competing units in tenders

  • 15:30

A. Dolinayová - L. Černá - J. Daniš: The current state of price regulation in public railway transport in Slovakia





  • 16:30

 P. Meško - M. Chovancová: Evaluation of the fulfillment of quality standards in regional passenger rail transport in Slovakia

  • 17:00

 M. Benediktová: Experience with preparing tenders for bus transport in the Pilsen Region

  • 17:30

 K. Novák - M. Farbiak: The tender for the bus operators in South Moravian integrated public transport system

  • 18:00

 J. Jeřábek: Experience of the Usti Region with competitive tendering in public transport


6th of November 


Panel discussion

  • 10:00
D. Seidenglanz - M. Horňák - J. Pohl - P. Pšenička: Effect of high speed rail to regional development - panel discussion
  • 12:00
M. Kvizda – T. Nigrin – D. Seidenglanz – Z. Tomeš: Final summary of the seminar and recommendations of Telč group