3rd - 4th November

Main Theme: Regional Terminals of High speed rails: build - not to build?

Aim: Discuss the possibilities of assessing the merits of regional stations on high speed rails (HSR) in terms of economic, geographic and politcal.

Main questions:

  • Design of methodolgy for assessing the importance of regional terminals on HSR for density of traffic flows;
  • Introduction of the pilot project of the consumer survey for the region of the Velké Meziříčí;
  • Analysis of selected case studies of regional terminals on HSR in other countries;
  • Discussion about potential of HSR compared with the cost of construction and operation.

The program also included a panel discussion on "Ex post CBA infrastructure projects".


3rd of November



1st Block - Facts and experiences for ther beginning

  • 9:30
M. Kvizda: Opening of the Seminar
  • 9:35
M. Kvizda: GOF4R - Governance of the Interoperability Framework for Rail and Intermodal Mobility, presentation of the project.
  • 10:05
A. Peltrám: The need and possibilities of realization of high speed trains in regional transportation
  • 10:20
J. Volf: Case studies of regional terminals on HSR in Europe
  • 10:40
J. Ponický: High speed rail project in the city of Bratislava
  • 11:20
Z. Záhumenská: The prospect of construction of the high speed rail terminals in Slovakia
  • 11:40
J. Pohl: Physical and economic limitations of traffic on high speed rail
  • 12:00
J. Hrabáček - T. Pospíšil: Possible operational concepts of high speed transportation using regional terminals



2nd Block - The importance of regional terminals on high speed rail for density of traffic flows

  • 13:30

M. Kvizda: The idea and concept of methodology for evaluating regional terminals on HSR

  • 14:00

D. Seidenglanz: Use of big data in the case study of Velké Meziříčí

  • 14:30

Z. Tomeš: Consumer survey in the area of Velké Meziříčí

  • 15:00

T. Nigrin: Guided interviews with political representatives of the region of Velké Meziříčí




3rd Block - Problems and their solutions

  • 16:00

L. Kovárník - J. Novobilský: Possibilities of using big data for analysis of transport markets

  • 16:30

M. Marada: The concept of potential transport accessibility as a criterion in deciding of lining the HSR in Czech Republic

  • 17:00

O. Krčál: The value of travel time on the Prague-Brno route

  • 17:30

J. Dujka: Projection of high speed rail project into urban planing


4th of November


Panel discussion

  • 10:00
P. Halámek - J. Nálevka - T. Paleta: Ex post CBA of infrastructure projects - panel discussion
  • 12:00
M. Kvizda – T. Nigrin – D. Seidenglanz – Z. Tomeš: Final summary of the seminar and recommendations of Telč group