The entire project is divided into four research objectives, which are further divided into working modules. The modules complement each other, build on each other and are focused on solving partial research problems and performing partial project activities.

Research topics (modules):

  • Analysis and modelling of demand in passenger transport
  • Factors affecting mobility
  • Experimental measurement of factors affecting demand in passenger transport
  • Prediction of the development of mobility on selected routes
  • Analysis of intermodal and intramodal competition in the rail passenger transport
  • Optimizing public procurement for rail passenger transport
  • High-speed transport as a political issue
  • Construction of high-speed transport systems and related changes in transport services and accessibility in the Czech Republic and Central Europe
  • The impact of high-speed transport on everyday life, residential habits and day-to-day mobility
  • Economic impacts of high-speed transport, its impact on regional development and labour markets
  • The potential for high-speed transport in tourism
  • Analysis of the potential supply of high-speed transport
  • Costs of standardization in passenger rail transport

Further information can be found in executive project summary.