Transport Integration for Prosperity. The Importance of Rail Connections for the V4 Internal Cohesion

(Strategic Grant Project No. 31510026)


main researcher


Aim: defining variations of possible measures which will lead to harmonization of individual V4 countries' approaches to support the cohesion of crossborder regions as much as possible.

Objective of the project: to compare transport policies of V4 member countries in the segment of public railway transport on the level of international longdistance, regional, and local crossborder connections, for which both qualitative and quantitative approaches shall be used. The comparison will be based on political-economic and transport-geographical analysis of the present situation, and on identification of capacities and risks of possible future development.

Main outputs: a set of analyses of a transport policy and transport-geographical links in the individual countries, and among them. Political-economic studies will focus on organization of public railway transport and on the way it is financed in individual countries. Fulfilment of the conditions of the European transport policy, or "railway packets", in connection with gradual liberalization of the railway market, will represent a significant aspect of the outputs.


PRESS RELEASE - Workshop in Budapest - Jan 2017


PRESS RELEASE - Workshop in Warsaw - Jan 2016

PRESS RELEASE - Report from Workshop in Warsaw - Jan 2016